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Loss of License Insurance
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Loss of License Insurance

Your alcohol license can be revoked or denied renewal for a variety of reasons. The main causes for loss of license are:

  • Crime & disorder.
  • Public nuisance.
  • Public safety.
  • Sale of alcohol to under-age persons.

As a legitimate business, you may still suffer a loss of license even if you are doing everything by the book, due to something that is quite simply out of your control. Fortunately, you can take out an optional loss of license policy for your business to keep yourself covered for any eventuality and giving you that all important peace of mind.

License History

Licensing laws in the UK have increased in length and complexity over the years to accommodate with the changes in society and how we tend to drink on a regular basis. Licensing laws go all the way back to the ‘Gin Act of 1751’ which allowed alcohol producers to only sell their gin on a licensed property.

License Legislation

Applying for an alcohol license has not always been the simplest process. The Licensing Act 2003 introduced a system that affected England and Wales. This act covers a variety of regulated activities, mainly the sale of alcohol. Basically, the act stated that any property undertaking these regulated activities must hold a premises license. If alcohol is being sold on said premises, the supervisor must personally hold a license.

Each separate license will have a set of rules stating how long the business is allowed to stay open for and any other additional conditions. If you want to apply for a license, you must be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of licensing law. If you run a shop, pub or business that sells alcohol, you need a license and a loss of license insurance policy.

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