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Subsidence Insurance
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Subsidence Insurance

Our optional subsidence insurance will cover your business property against any major structural damage from environmental events such as landslips, ground heave and the ground moving beneath your property.

Your property is at a higher risk of subsidence if it has been built on clay soil. This is because the soil is more likely to shrink under dry conditions, meaning that long periods of time with little to no rain are potentially dangerous. Leaking drainage systems will also put your property at risk of subsidence – the water from the damaged drain can wash away the ground from the foundations of your building.

Subsidence Information

When the ground under your business property begins to sink the building will start to move on its foundations. This can cause severe damage to your business and may even force you to stop trading which will cost a huge amount in loss of earnings. Fortunately, we can cover your business with our subsidence insurance cover.

Trees and large plants require a lot of water to survive. If you have planted any trees after the property was built, they will need to be carefully managed, possibly by an expert tree surgeon. If you want to plant new trees, make sure to place them at a safe distance from your building in order to reduce the risk of subsidence. If you have planted trees close to your property after it was built, they should be removed immediately.

The cost for unpinning a property that has suffered from subsidence is very high with costs of £15,000+ very common. If you have included Subsidence cover, then this will be paid for by the insurer.

It is also important to consider Subsidence cover for the remainder of the policy cover, if you have to vacate the premises whilst repair work is being carried out, your business interruption cover will provide you with compensation for the loss of earning for this period. If there has been excessive moment of the property, it may have caused damage to your contents, damage to these would only be covered if you had selected subsidence cover.

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