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Blogs from October 2013

Online Insurance Market Set For Growth

online insuranceInsurance can be sold through a variety of mediums: face to face, over the phone and online. Europe’s online insurance market is currently growing and is set to reach an approximate value of £21,149,575,000 by 2016. This is excellent news for all performance marketers who are involved in the finance vertical. A recent report from a large consultancy firm studied 78 insurers across Europe and it revealed that £10,151,796,000 worth of property, casualty and life insurance policies were sold online[...]

James Savery, 21 October 2013

Phone Insurance Cleaned up by Banks

current account insuranceA lot of banks offer insurance policy bundles with their so-called ‘packaged current accounts’ and these deals are often too good to be true, plagued with exclusions and strict terms and conditions. The banks are now being forced to clean up their act and improve their insurance packages.

These controversial insurance policies within the ‘packaged current accounts’ are being quietly cleaned up, and are currently costing consumers around £300 per year. The biggest offender in t[...]

James Savery, 15 October 2013

Fake Car Insurance Scam Leads to Arrests

ghost broking scamThe British police have been undertaking raids across England to try and tackle the numerous fake car insurance scams that are going on around the country, such as the ‘flash-for-cash’ scam that we covered in an earlier blog post. The campaign has been successful, with 27 criminals being arrested so far. The police raids took place in the Thames Valley, London, Manchester, Leicestershire and the West Midlands earlier today. The authorities have been specifically targeting a scam known as ‘Ghost [...]

James Savery, 09 October 2013

Flood Insurance Deal Needs Work

flood insuranceOur government has recently made a deal with UK insurers to provide insurance cover against flooding, and the announcement was originally well received. However, it has been revealed that the deal doesn't protect all buildings, causing the government to come under fire. The insurance deal excludes all homes built after 2009 and any small firms.

It has been claimed that the bill must protect all properties that are susceptible to flooding like the deal originally stated. Known[...]

James Savery, 07 October 2013

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We have dealt with Insurance Price for several years. The staff are always polite and helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them. We have fleet, company and buildings insurance through them. In all the time we have been with them they have always...

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