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Blogs from September 2015

Big Changes In The Insurance Market Cause A Rukus

business insuranceThe insurance sector is currently going through a list of big changes and it's affecting more than just the firms within the industry. The past year has seen a string of big changes and the mega deals that are taking place recently are a testament as to how companies are trying to protect themselves against these new policies that are surfacing within the industry.

In 2014, the Chancellor's (George Osborne) budget shook up the insurance industry, announcing that people who hav[...]

James Savery, 18 September 2015

Banks To Scrap Insurance Teaser Deals

bury insuranceA lot of us are guilty of just accepting our home insurance policy renewal when the letter arrives in the post. A lot of insurers like to increase their premiums in the second year which means that customers end up paying more than they should for their insurance.

In a change of heart, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest have revealed their plans to change it up, getting rid of these first-year 'teaser rates' on their home insurance policies. Starting this coming Wednesda[...]

James Savery, 07 September 2015

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Gaynor, DKJ Building Services Ltd

We have been a customer of Insurance Price for over two years now, and we have always found them to be competitive and reliable. They get the best deal for us on the market, and Gareth our contact, always deals with any problems quickly and efficiently...

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