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Blogs from August 2015

Whiplash Insurance Scandal Increasing Premiums

Whiplash Insurance Scandal Soars Insurance PricesReturn of the whiplash personal injury claim scourge could send insurance premiums soaring by up to 15%, say insurance executives.

Criminals may have found away around new laws that were put in place at the end of last year that were intended to prevent false whiplash claims, which cost insurance companies thousands. Insurance executives believe that claims management firms, solicitors and medical staff have colluded to discover loopholes in the new laws put in place.

James Savery, 11 August 2015

Could The Google Car Spell The End Of Insurance

Driverless CarsThe Google driver-less car, or "self-driving car" is a project by non other than Google of course, with the aim to provide completely autonomous motor vehicles excluding the need of a driver, thus you become a pilot instead. The cars will become available to the public in 2020, most likely opening first of all in the american market.

What does this mean then for car insurance. Automated cars reduced the risk of road traffic accidents, but this isn't the main cause for concern[...]

Michael O'Hara, 07 August 2015

Personal Injury Claims Sky Rocket Car Insurance

Personal Injury Claims Sky Rocket InsuranceA fresh wave of claims is causing motor insurance prices to inflate due to an increase of whiplash injury compensation according to the ABI (Association of British Insurers).

In the second quarter of 2015 (April - June) motorists paid on average 2% more for their comprehensive car insurance policy when compared with the previous quarter.

The amount of personal injury claims related to road traffic accidents are 12% higher for the fiscal year ending April 20[...]

James Savery, 03 August 2015

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