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Blogs from January 2015

Cyber Attack Insurance Looking Ready For The UK

cyber attack insuranceCyber-attacks are becoming more and more of a threat as the world becomes more dependent on technology for our communications and business ventures. Add-on insurance policies have already been made available in France by Axa in an attempt to clean up private information and photographs posted online by hackers.

Individuals and businesses alike may soon be able to purchase insurance in the UK that protects and helps them deal with the damage that can be caused by computer hacke[...]

James Savery, 29 January 2015

Insurance Profits Double In The Chinese Sector

insurance newsThe Chinese insurance industry has surprised experts with record profits of 204.7 billion Yuan (equivalent to almost £22 billion) in 2014 which is more than double the profits of the previous year. The country’s capital gains from premium investments stood solid at 535.9 billion Yuan (£57 billion) including a rate of investment return of 6.3% (according to data coming from the Chinese Insurance&[...]

James Savery, 23 January 2015

Catlin Secures Insurance Takeover Deal

catlin insurance dealThe UK’s insurance sector has been at the height of the industry’s attention recently after Catlin spoke out about their recommended ‘cash and share’ offer from XL which valued the group as £2.8 billion. This figure is a massive 23 percent premium to Caitlin’s share price on the 16th of December last year which has had the knock-on effect of a wave of consolidation in the industry.


James Savery, 15 January 2015

Can You Escape High Car Insurance In 2015

insuranceIt comes as no surprise that car insurance premiums are expected to rise again in 2015, even more so for the younger drivers amongst us. On average, drivers have to fork out an extra £35 in order to insure their car when compared to January 2014. This trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

Drivers with a bit more experience under their belt have also been hit by the price hikes. For example, a 30-year-old driver is now paying £38 more than he did in 2014 (a[...]

James Savery, 08 January 2015

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General All-Purpose Plastics Ltd

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for all of the work you have done for General All-Purpose Plastics over the years. You have consistently guided us in a professional way through the complex and seemingly ever changing world of insurance. As you know...

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