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Blogs from July 2015

Zurich In A Bid For More Than 5 Billion RSA

Zurich Bid For RSAOne of the largest European insurers is currently considering putting in a bid for rival Swiss company RSA, who bring the UK insurance through More Than. Following the announcement, RSA share prices have gone up by 15%.

Zurich confirmed recent speculation of the takeover and has until August 25 to make an offer under City takeover rules.

RSA is run by the former RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) boss who was hired to revive share prices and the companies profits[...]

James Savery, 28 July 2015

AA Informs Car Insurance Premiums On The Rise

AA Car Insurance Premiums On The RiseIn the first time during a 3 year period, car insurance premiums have risen meaning young drivers aged between 23 to 29 are being slapped with up to a 6.2% increase when compared with the previous year.

With the growing number of insurers and comparison websites, they have needed to maintain a competitive edge to ensure that they do not get left behind, however this marketing strategy is unsustainable which has led to premiums increasing.

Janet Connor, mana[...]

James Savery, 27 July 2015

Could it Really be the end for National Insurance

Could it be the end for National InsuranceGeorge Osborne is currently considering merging the taxes that we all love to see on our pay slips at the end of the month, National Insurance and Income Tax (PAYE). We would then see a single “earnings tax,” instead of the current separation.

This is not the first time that this subject has been raised, Mr Osborne considered merging the taxes in the last government, but decided against due to concerns about the technical implications on IT systems for the two taxes.

James Savery, 22 July 2015

Insurance Fraud Costs Each Household Every Year

insurance claimsFraudulent insurance claims are worth more than £1 billion pounds every year. Insurance firms and the authorities discovered more than £1.32 billion in fraudulent insurance claims last year, but experts have warned that this is just the 'tip of the iceberg'.

Figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) have claimed that these acts of fraud add £90 to every household's bill. The figures are backed up by the City of London Police and their national fraud unit. Insurers[...]

James Savery, 16 July 2015

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General All-Purpose Plastics Ltd

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for all of the work you have done for General All-Purpose Plastics over the years. You have consistently guided us in a professional way through the complex and seemingly ever changing world of insurance. As you know...

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